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Core Skills Course 8 – Analyzing Evidence Relevancy


Learners will develop their ability to determine the relevance of collected evidence.

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This 1-hour course is designed to enhance your understanding to collect evidence in classroom observations and give more effective feedback to teachers. In this course, observers will learn 3 elements that make evidence and the resulting feedback relevant to the receiver. These include the extent to which the feedback is:

  • connected to the expected outcome,
  • provides clarity towards a goal, and 
  • is specific enough to allow for action.

Observers will then examine 3 guiding questions that help to determine the appropriateness of the captured evidence during their analysis:

  • Based on the specific lesson, what was the expected performance?
  • What are the teacher’s professional goals and/or the goals of your district or school?
  • Is evidence specific enough to address areas of strength and areas of development?

Through this analysis of the evidence collected, observers will learn to determine the importance of the evidence they have collected and its role in promoting growth in teacher practice.

Learning Standard

ReVISION Learning Supervisory Continuum 1.C: 

Evidence cited in written feedback connects teacher action with student engagement and intended learning outcomes.


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