Core Skills Course 19 – Composing Feedback Reports


Learners will develop their understanding of how to create feedback aligned to the Claim-Connect-Action frame.

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This 1-hour course is designed to enhance your understanding to collect evidence in classroom observations and give more effective feedback to teachers. This course builds on the course titled, “Crafting a Claim Statement,” in which the learner develops strategies for forming a claim about practice and establishing support for that claim with evidence. These are important steps to master before working to add the “Action” portion, as you will in this course. In these next lessons, the learner will:

  • work to define “actionable” feedback
  • develop strategies to build on the teacher’s existing skills and understanding of effective practice or Zone of Proximal Development (Vygotsky, 1978).

Learning Standard

ReVISION Learning Supervisory Continuum 1.F: 

F. Feedback report as written serves as a comprehensive learning tool containing clearly articulated evidence-based feedback and explicit connections.


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