ReVISION OnLine Learning-Feedback Analysis



The ReVISION OnLine Learning offers the opportunity for supervisors and instructional coaches to receive personalized feedback about their feedback to the staff they serve.  Whether you are a teacher supervisor looking to understand how you can improve your feedback to teachers or a central office staff member looking to improve your capacity to support leadership development, feedback from one of our expert facilitators can provide insights to your professional improvement.

For each coaching session, supervisors and coaches will…

  1. Submit their feedback for review by our expert team against the ReVision Learning Supervisory Continuum.
  2. Receive a full report on the quality of the feedback including suggested resources and action steps to improve feedback practice.

ReVISION Learning has completed over 5000 observations and worked with over 800 supervisors in the past five years.  We want to bring our experiences to life for you through personalized feedback in the comfort and privacy of your own office or home.

Try out this exciting new service in support of your professional learning today.


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