ReVIEW Video-Based Calibrations with Virtual Coaching



In partnership with ReVision Learning, ReVIEW Talent Feedback System’s Video-Based Calibration with coaching allows teacher supervisors the opportunity to receive personalized feedback about their capacity to engage in key supervisory skills not only in written format but through a 45 min online coaching session with one of our experts.

Teacher supervisors are…

  • provided access to a single, short video that has been pre-scored against a set of teaching performance standards for Learning Environment and Instruction,
  • receive a written feedback report from one of our expert instructional leadership coaches and,
  • engage in a 45 min online coaching session to support detailed understanding of the written feedback and coaching on how to change feedback practice.

When used across a set of district evaluators, these sessions can support understanding of district levels of inter-rater agreement associated with key teaching practices.  Knowing how well an evaluator can recognize the practice inherent in the teaching rubrics and whether or not they can record evidence from a piece of classroom instruction will ensure that ongoing training is targeted, personalized, and impactful.


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