During this lesson, you will be introduced to the ReVision Learning Evaluator Supervisory Continuum and provided an opportunity to self-assess your practice.

In the process of working with evaluators and through our experience as instructional coaches and educational administrators, we have seen the adoption of the guiding principles. Though these have been put into practice in a number of different environments and codified in various ways, and while evaluators may engage in forming relationships with teachers in different ways, one constant within systems remains: the analysis and coaching of teachers against set performance standards.

Similarly, in support of evaluators – and to challenge them to increase effectiveness and impact- ReVision Learning has established a set of practice standards that are designed to outline the discrete skills of an evaluator for reviewing and coaching teachers within evaluation models.

Setting the Context

Watch the following video in which we outline the practice standards associated with the ReVision Learning Supervisory Continuum.


ReVision Learning Supervisory Continuum

Read pages 1-7 and 1-8 of the workbook in preparation for a review and self-assessment using the ReVision Learning Evaluator Supervisory Continuum.




EBO WORKBOOK 1-7 thru 1-8




Self-Reflection Activity

Review Domain 1: Evidence-Based Observation of the ReVision Learning Evaluator Supervisory Continuum on pages 1-9 through 1-11 and complete a self-assessment using the following link:

Self Assessment

Next Steps

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