As facilitators, we can ensure evaluators provide high quality written feedback by leveraging the standards outlined in the ReVision Learning Supervisory Continuum. We want to utilize the key levers of the Continuum to increase the impact of their feedback.

journalWarm Up

Though you have received ratings against this Continuum, you are now moving toward evaluating others against the instrument. To achieve this, you will need to become an expert in the standards, the key levers or differences between the performance levels, and the expectations of each. Review the list of essential evaluator skills required for each Continuum Indicator:

Evaluator Skills

Consider what possible challenges an evaluator may face, that you have addressed with an evaluator you coach, or  those which you faced as you were building your own capacity. Which of the skills are the most complex? 

Setting the Context

Review the list of Potential Challenges typically arising for new evaluators for each indicator on the RVL Continuum. We recommend you download this resource as it will serve as a valuable reference tool in your work as a feedback reader and coach.

Learning Task

Create a “persona” describing an evaluator facing a common challenge from the lists. Describe the coaching you would provide to help him/her overcome the challenge. In other words you are creating a fictional evaluator or considering one you are currently coaching who is facing a problem and then describing how you will help him/her with this problem. Click on “View the Lesson Quiz” to add your coaching scenario.

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