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It is critical for evaluators to recognize  their own bias and to learn how to utilize evidence-based statements in their feedback to increase objectivity. 

In this lesson you will:
Analyze and evaluate a feedback report for the types of evidence used based on ReVision Supervisory Continuum Indicator E: 

Evidence cited is objectively stated and without opinion.

journalWarm Up

What are potential biases that we bring to the table as an evaluator? 

Setting the Context

Follow the think aloud for RVL Continuum Indicator E.


Learning Task

Read the rest of the evaluator’s feedback for CCT 3b and also indicator 3a.

Do you notice the same areas of strength and areas of challenge from the first sample?

Select a performance rating for this evaluator’s report for Indicator E of the RVL Continuum and list 2-3 pieces of evidence to support the rating. Click on “View the Lesson Quiz” to enter your answers.



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