Describe the lesson goals in a narrative feedback. Greg will revise to make a visual metaphor using picture above.

Self Reflection

Write a prompt that sends them to the forum. It can be a self-assessment or activating prior knowledge like activity.

The Readings

Link to PDF documents or embed videos/podcasts here.


Read Pages 8-13


To add a video over 25 megs leave a note for Greg and then email him when the lesson is ready for his updates. We can also start and stop YouTube videos at specific times to chunk them into very short clips.

The Activity

Here you will add your performance assessment. This can be a quiz question or forum post. Just make sure it connects back to the stated learning target and the artifact produced would show evidence of learning.


Include links to 1-2 extensions such as blog posts or book chapters. maker sure to include a 1-2 sentence gist sentence explaining why you shared this.

Next Steps

If there is a ReVision Product that could be purchased for additional information around the learning goal of this lesson include a next steps sections.


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