As evaluators and instructional leaders, we hold the key to teacher growth in our hands. By nurturing a culture of capacity-building over compliance, we can help educators increase their instructional capacity. At ReVision Learning, we believe measuring accuracy is never enough when evaluating teachers. We have to use the power of high quality feedback to leverage growth and impact student learning and engagement.

Setting the Context


I.  The following short video provides a context to how our approaches provide support for evaluator capacity and ensure the development of quality supervision and evaluation practice.

Based on your viewing of this video, consider the following:

A.  Notice the way in which our approach connects to the previous research and literature from Lesson 1.

B.  Consider how the focus on relationships through feedback may differ from what you have experienced.

C.  Could implementation of these approaches positively impact the relationships you have with the teachers you supervise?  Are their particular teachers with whom you work that would particularly be impacted?  Why and how?


II.  Addtionally, read the post on Voices of ReVision: Accuracy will Never be Enough in Educator Evaluation.  Pay close attention to how the previously outlined Guiding Principals and research and literature are codified in the Cycle of Planning and Performance Improvement.  Then, complete the learning task.  

Learning Task

Go to the forum and identify where you think your district is in implementing the Cycle of Planning and Performance Improvement referenced in the blog. 

Strategic Planning (Defining goals and measures)

Crosswalk to Teacher and Leader Performance Standards (Determining highest leverage skill areas)

Professional Learning for Teachers and Leaders (Designing based on confirmed need)

Routine Educator Feedback (Providing learner-focused on-going feedback and support)


Visit our Resource Page for this course and review any of the resources not directly addressed in the lessons or select another relevant course to learn more.

Next Steps

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