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Understanding The CCT’s Instructional Domain:

Indicator 3a 

This course is designed to build your understanding of the attributes of Indicator 3a of the CCT Rubric for Effective Teaching. The course is can be completed at your own pace and is designed for approximately 4 hours of instructional time. It is important to know that developing a deep understanding takes time. This means that depending on your starting point and desired outcome, you may find you need to continue your learning beyond the 4-hour design of this course or you may move quicker through the course. 

In addition, mastering strategies listed in the “Proficient” descriptions of the CCT require ongoing practice and application with reflection across multiple lessons. Therefore, you will be presented with opportunities for reflection throughout the course and offered strategies to apply throughout the year. 

Lastly, you may consider moving through the course with your peers. This will allow you to benefit from social construction of the new content through rich discussions and develop a common understanding within teams, departments and schools.  No matter your approach or the pace you take, developing a deeper understanding of this indicator of the Instructional Domain is the main purpose of the course.   

Learning Targets:

  • Deconstruct CCT Indicator 3a leading to a deeper understanding of the expectations for teacher and student actions, behaviors, and dispositions
  • Distinguish between performance ratings using key levers
  • Develop strategies to improve instructional practices outlined in CCT 3a

5634268846_9c59682a42_bPotential Prerequisite Course:

Understanding Your Framework is a 1-hour optional and complimentary course designed as an introduction to the use of rubrics in evaluation and coaching. The course provides basic information about how district rubrics are structured and offers you strategies to develop a general overview of your rubric comparing various instruments being used today in other districts.

Your Learning Pathway:

You will be working through two modules to build a deep understanding of the attributes within this indicator. In Lesson 3 and Lesson 4 you will begin to explore a single attribute more in depth.  This allows you to guide your own professional learning.  While you are only asked to explore a single attribute, you may wish to engage in the process for each of the attributes.  This is entirely up to you and is best consider in conjunction with your supervisor so that you are continuing to align your learning with your ongoing supervision and evaluation as a professional. 

Final Assessment:

Step 1: Select 1 attribute within this indicator that is a challenge area or an area in which you want to improve.

Step 2: Create a lesson plan focusing on new strategies related to your selected attribute.

Step 3: Execute the lesson and reflect upon the experience and new learning.

Step 4: Meet with your instructional coach/evaluator to discuss your new understandings, reflections and next steps.