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We never quite realize the impact of something until we experience it or see it firsthand. A slight tap of a bumper at low speeds can have a great effect on our prized automobiles. Or, have you ever repainted a room wall and after just one coat, can’t believe the transformative difference the new color has made? These types of events happen every day in our classrooms.

Each day, teachers impact student learning and understanding in a wide variety of ways. Through our observation and feedback, we can help them recognize how they are causing those outcomes and behaviors.

We know the goal of every lesson is to ensure students develop deeper understandings of new skills, strategies, and concepts. As instructional leaders, we must ensure that this goal remains at the center of all feedback provided to teachers. Our responsibility after visiting a classroom is to determine how students were progressing toward a new learning target and to clearly connect how a teacher’s actions and choices were directly impacting each student’s ability to move forward in the new learning. This work requires close analysis of the evidence collected to arrive at a conclusion regarding student levels of understanding and teacher effectiveness of implemented strategies. This course will guide learners through the steps of making these determinations.

RVL 1.C: Evidence cited in written feedback connects teacher action with student engagement and intended learning outcomes.
Determine if students are learning during a lesson and how the teacher is impacting this.
Companion Guidebook Feedback to Feed Forward: 31 Strategies to Lead Learning Connections Strategies 17-19
Watch a video clip, explain how learning is occurring within the lesson and create a Cause/Effect Chart based on one of the following: Engagement, Progression, Assessment, and Support


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