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Hosting a summer birthday party is a real no-brainer… find the nearest city park and bring food! The set up and clean up alone are worth the trek to pick up all the essentials along the way; not to mention the built-in activities for kids. No need to hire a 3-ring circus this time! Once you’ve set up the cake and ice cream, you look over and see the dark clouds looming in the distance. Wait a minute – what was the weather today? How did you miss this one key ingredient? You may have missed the most relevant part of the day – the forecast.

It is critical for observers to be able to determine the level of relevancy of the information they are collecting about teacher practice. Identifying what is relevant is not only important to ensure fair, valid, and accurate ratings, but also to help promote reflective practice and more targeted professional learning for a teacher. Beginning your analysis of evidence with the question – How is what I observed and collected in the classroom closely connected or appropriate to the outcomes we are expecting? – ensures that the claims you make about performance and the actions you suggest will drive teacher growth.

In this course, observers will learn about 3 lenses they can apply to analyzing evidence relevancy,  focusing on the first two lenses. The third lens is more directly addressed through other core skills including Building on Instructional Strengths and Scaffolding Next Steps.

RVL 1.A: Evidence cited is directly tied to the appropriate indicators of practice and accurately represents the levels of performance.
AND RVL 1.C. Evidence cited in written feedback connects teacher action with student engagement and intended learning outcomes.
Observer will determine the relevance of collected evidence against the expected performance.
Companion Guidebook Feedback to Feed Forward: 31 Strategies to Lead Learning Connections: Chapter 2 & Strategies 17, 20-22
Review a set of evidence against a given attribute and determine which evidence is not relevant to the indicator.


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Lesson 8.2 Analyze Evidence Relevancy

Length: 10 minutesComplexity: Standard

Trying it Out In lesson 8.1 you learned about applying 3 lenses in analyzing your evidence for relevancy. Let’s take some time to apply that learning to a specific scenario…

Lesson 8.3 Analyze Evidence Relevancy Assessment

Length: 30 minutesComplexity: Standard

In-Course Assessment  Use the 3 lenses to review evidence you have collected during an observation and identify what the most relevant evidence is based on… the most essential indicators in…