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Sometimes, when we catch our reflection in a mirror or store front, we are caught off guard about how the world sees us. Our own mental image of what we think we look like in that particular outfit or new hairstyle, may not sync with what others observe. As our students move from teacher-directed and teacher-led learning experiences to more collaborative and reflective tasks and challenges every day, we are asking them to look at themselves in new ways.

As teachers, our learning experiences should mirror this, as collaboration and reflection are known to be highly effective practices for teaching and learning regardless of age or experience. Through feedback in the past, leaders often just cited a rating, summarized the observed lesson, and/or delivered some general statement about what could improve. Ultimately, they provided the information to the teacher. Though some teachers will require more directive support, our ultimate goal as instructional leaders is to promote a teacher’s ability to reflect on his/her own effectiveness. This takes the crafting of well thought-out questions based on observed lessons. This course will provide the observer with 5 key strategies for using evidence and analysis to develop effective reflective questions.

RVL 1.F: Feedback report as written serves as a comprehensive learning tool containing clearly articulated evidence-based feedback and explicit connections
Develop reflective questions directly related to observed practice.
Companion Guidebook Feedback to Feed Forward: 31 Strategies to Lead Learning Connections: Chapter 6
Develop reflective questions aligned to a specific framework indicator after watching a video lesson clip.


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Lesson 21.3 Developing Reflective Questions Assessment

Length: 30 minutesComplexity: Standard

In-Course Implementation Challenge  Watch 7-15 minutes of the lesson clip. Using the strategies from Lesson 2, craft and submit 3-4 reflective questions for the teacher based on the following indicator:  …