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As easy as it is to be critical of others, oftentimes those split-second responses are opinion and subjective. When sharing feedback with teachers it is critical for instructional leaders to provide objective, clear, and evidence-based feedback to support the growth of teachers. Ultimately, high quality objective feedback changes practice and impacts outcomes. It is important to recognize that by consistently utilizing evidence-based statements and removing personal opinion in all forms within feedback and evaluation, leaders and coaches are able to: 

  • increase overall objectivity of claims about practice or ratings (It is fair.)
  • ensure transparency of claims or ratings (It is accurate.)
  • provide the teacher with tangible and specific examples and student data vs. a summary (It is clear.)

Though we all have good intentions, we are human, and as humans we sometimes inject opinion or bias into our work unintentionally. It is important for observers to recognize when subjectivity is creeping into your practices, using self-monitoring, strategies, and thinking questions to increase the objectivity of your feedback to teachers. This course builds on, “Observing Objectively” and “Analyzing Objectively” and will provide you with 5 specific strategies to help you to develop feedback for teachers that is objective and evidence-based.  

RVL 1.E: Evidence cited is objectively stated and without opinion.
Use strategies to self-assess feedback and ensure highest levels of objectivity.
Companion Guidebook Feedback to Feed Forward: 31 Strategies to Lead Learning Connections Strategies 7-9, 23-27
Review a feedback sample for subjectivity and provide the observer with suggestions to increase objectivity based on the strategies learned.


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Lesson 18.2 Reviewing Feedback for Objectivity Assessment

Length: 20 minutesComplexity: Standard

In-Course Assessment You will be reading a colleague’s feedback that she has prepared for a teacher and evaluating the level of objectivity against the ReVISION Supervisory Continuum Indicator E. Work through…