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Welcome to your online course for providing feedback and to our team of readers and facilitators!

This course will prepare “certified coaches” to review, evaluate and provide feedback to evaluators based on submitted written reports. Feedback provided through our systems and process has had positive impacts on instructional leaders across the state. We are making a difference everyday for teachers and students through our work! 


Learning Targets:

To accurately provide evaluation of written reports and to provide feedback for growth against the ReVision Learning Continuum.



Prerequisite assessments:

  • Accurate evaluation of 1 video-based lesson against normed ratings
  • Completion of 1 video-based observation feedback report against 6 indicators demonstrating a proficient+ (17-24) rating.

Final Learning Task

Post-assessment: Complete 2 feedback reports aligned to a validator’s findings

Resources You Will Need:

  1. Your feedback provided to you against the ReVision Learning Supervisory Continuum Domain 1 (For those who are current ReVision Learning classroom validators or evaluators, you will not need this resource.)
  2. The evaluation instrument is used here for training purposes is closely related to the CCT; however, you will need to have a deep understanding of the evaluator’s district evaluation instrument if it differs. 
  3. ReVision Learning Supervisory Continuum Domain 1 (though provided electronically, you may want to use a paper version)

Navigating Your Course:

You can access each lesson from this main page, but will need to complete the quiz at the end of each before moving on. A trainer will review your submitted quiz responses and send feedback which will then allow you to move on to the next lesson. He/She receives an alert as soon as you submit and will make every effort to quickly respond.

To return to the main menu, you will find at the bottom of each page:


Understanding the Continuum


As facilitators, we can ensure evaluators provide high quality written feedback by leveraging the standards outlined in the ReVision Learning Supervisory Continuum. We want to utilize the key levers of…

Evaluating Feedback against RVL Indicator A


Now that you have a better understanding of the 6 standards defined by the ReVision Learning Continuum, let’s dive into using the instrument to read and evaluate an instructional leader’s…

Evaluating Feedback against RVL Indicator B


There is no formula for the perfect balance between quantitative and qualitative data. At ReVision Learning, we focus on using data to evaluate classroom practice to fairly and accurately rate…

Evaluating Feedback against RVL Indicator C


We know that effective feedback explicitly links teacher actions to student engagement and learning. Feedback should be structured more around the analysis or the cause and effect relationships vs. a…

Evaluating Feedback against RVL Indicator D


Schools need to see their evaluation programs as valuable tools for capacity building. We promote the use of the frameworks for teaching as coaching resources vs. solely as instruments for rating.…

Evaluating Feedback against RVL Indicator E


It is critical for evaluators to recognize  their own bias and to learn how to utilize evidence-based statements in their feedback to increase objectivity.  In this lesson you will: Analyze and…

Evaluating Feedback against RVL Indicator F


Tagged evidence is meaningless to teachers. Evaluators need to provide a clear narrative that promotes deep thinking about instruction that will result in improved instructional outcomes. At ReVision Learning we…

Putting It All Together

Selecting a performance level is the first critical step in reading and evaluating feedback reports. Providing clear written feedback coupled with rich conversations that include actionable coaching points will change…