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Part III


Providing Feedback using the Claim, Connect, Action™ Feedback Framework

Learning Targets:

As an instructional leader I can…

  1. Use the Claim, Connect, Action™ framework to assess the effectiveness of feedback reports.
  2. Apply the Claim, Connect, Action™ framework to written feedback reports.


Write a Claim, Connect, Action™ feedback statement for a single indicator based on an classroom lesson video.

Extension Assessments:

Submit a ReVIEW Video-Based Calibration

Prerequisite assessments:

Supported by completion of activities and forums in Part I and Part II of the series but can stand on its own.

Resources You Will Need:


Electronic Handouts

  • Sample Claim, Connect, Action Statements
  • EBO Workbook Pages

Additional Texts

Optional – Heen, S. & Stone, D.  (2014) Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well.  New York: Viking Press


Feedback Qualities

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Writing Effective Feedback

  Warm Up Review your notes from the exemplar report and non-examples provided in the previous lessons.  Consider for a few minutes a teacher with whom you have supervised or…