Designing and delivering professional learning to support adults in today’s school environments requires the same multi-dimensional planning we expect to see in our classrooms. Providing educators access to new learning, offering resources to reinforce existing or on-going learning, and building targeted, supportive professional learning programs is made more possible through integration of technology.

ReVision OnLine Learning professional learning modules are designed to support educators either as stand-alone learning programs or in conjunction with our face-to-face and job-embedded professional learning models. Structured to fit the needs of educators across multiple roles, our online professional learning modules allow educators to take control of their learning, creating a more personal learning environment to improve their leadership or teaching practice.

Understanding Your Framework: Progression

New! Teachers and coaches, build a deeper understanding of purpose and progression in this 4-hour course.

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Understanding Your Framework: Engagement

New! A 4-hour course for teachers and coaches to build a deeper understanding of “cognitive engagement.” 

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Understanding Your Framework: Assessment

New! Understand and support effective assessment and feedback cycles within lessons in this 4-hour course for teachers and coaches.  

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Video Based Calibration




Receive personalized feedback about your capacity to engage in key supervisory skills by completing a video based activity.

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Professional Learning Maps


ReVISION Learning Partnership, with Amplify’s Professional Learning Maps, developed a diagnostic survey to create leadership learning plans.

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ReVision OnLine Coaching


Engage in a 45 min one to one on-line coaching session with an expert observer and feedback specialists who will provide detailed analysis of your reports.

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