Designing and delivering professional learning to support adults in today’s school environments requires the same multi-dimensional planning we expect to see in our classrooms. Providing educators access to new learning, offering resources to reinforce existing or on-going learning, and building targeted, supportive professional learning programs is made more possible through integration of technology.

ReVision OnLine Learning professional learning modules are designed to support educators either as stand-alone learning programs or in conjunction with our face-to-face and job-embedded professional learning models. Structured to fit the needs of educators across multiple roles, our online professional learning modules allow educators to take control of their learning, creating a more personal learning environment to improve their leadership or teaching practice.

We strive to provide resources that will not only allow leaders and teachers to improve practice and increase outcomes for learners, but to also establish a firm belief in their ability to make changes and make a difference for their students. We believe high quality observation and feedback aligned to an instructional framework ensures educators can reach these goals.

Core Competencies

We have determined that there are three core competencies that observers must master to effectively provide impactful feedback, develop assessment-capable teachers, increase collective efficacy, and improve teacher practices, and increase student outcomes. These competencies form the foundation of all of our coursework.

Observe & Collect Evidence
Observers must learn how to collect comprehensive evidence of teaching and learning.
Observers must learn to analyze evidence to determine the teacher's impact on student engagement and learning.
Observers must learn to utilize the evidence and analysis to develop impactful and actionable feedback.


Standards of Effective Observation & Feedback

Remember, just as in our classrooms, standards provide a framework of expectations and guide practice of key skills. The six standards of evidence-based observation and feedback are aligned to the core competencies and are housed within our ReVISION Learning Supervisory Continuum. They serve as the backbone of our learning design for observers. Through the standards, we can measure the quality of feedback and leverage growth, and we can support all observers in the development of those skills necessary to ensure they can deliver feedback that feeds forward. The coursework available aligns to these standards regardless of your role in the support of teachers, whether you are a supervisory, coach, or peer.