Creating and providing responsive professional learning opportunities for teachers is often a difficult task for schools and school leaders. ReVISION OnLine Learning’s professional learning modules provide opportunities for teachers to take control of their learning.

Current courses:

We have aligned our online coursework to the CT SEED teacher performance rubric so that as teachers receive feedback from instructional coaches and evaluators, they have immediate access to supportive tools and resources to respond to that feedback and advance practice in their classrooms.

Upcoming courses:

  • Understanding the CCT: 1a
  • Understanding the CCT: 1b
  • Understanding the CCT: 1c

Coming This Fall: If your district uses a different framework, return here for courses targeting foundational instructional practices that you can align to your indicators of performance.

  • Learning Objective and Lesson Progression 
  • Cognitive Engagement
  • Assessment & Feedback
  • Learning Environment