ReVISION OnLine Learning has created an interactive series of online professional learning modules to support on-going learning for principals, evaluators, teacher leaders, and/or instructional coaches. These modules can be used to help supplement face-to-face work or can stand alone as professional learning modules for educators as they navigate the support of the teachers they serve. Aligned to the new CCSSO Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL), formally know as ISSLC Standards, these courses provide direct support to improving instructional leadership practice in our schools and district offices.

Instructional Leadership Core Skills

High Quality Observation and Feedback requires understanding and mastery of 3 Core Competencies and 21 Core Skills. In our coursework dedicated to these skills, you will be able to choose your pathway: 

  • COMING SOON – By Core Competencies: Focus your work on targeted areas of practice in three 7-hour courses
  • AVAILABLE NOW – By Core Skills: Select from 21 individual 1-hour courses 

Current Courses and Services:

Current courses available for Teachers and Coaches: 

Think about enrolling in our highly recommended Understanding Your Framework series not only to develop a deep understanding of your district’s rubric, but to also increase your capacity to improve teachers’ practices in key instructional areas. Each course supports 4+hours of focused learning for each indicator. You can also consider how to utilize these courses to support individual, team or a whole school needs that can be used for personal, prescribed, or team blended learning:

CT Framework